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I'm Melanie Diane Reese, a Graphic Designer
from Austin, Texas.

As a passionate Graphic Designer, my journey into the world of design has been a delightful evolution. With a foundation rooted in the culinary industry, I served as an assistant pastry chef, contributing to menu creation and designing exquisite wedding cakes. This experience not only honed my creative skills but also instilled in me a consumer-centric mindset aimed at enhancing sales. Inspired by my love for designing menus and spreadsheets, I decided to pivot towards a professional career in Graphic Design. I earned my degree in Graphic Design, and my mission is to now support entrepreneurs on their branding journey.

My fascination lies in delving into the intricacies of small businesses and understanding the unique experiences they offer to their clients. I am driven by the desire to assist them in achieving excellence through effective branding—an investment that not only elevates reputation but also fosters lasting connections with customers, ultimately propelling long-term success.

At present, I am actively seeking partnerships with local businesses, offering comprehensive brand solutions to help them connect with their audiences and generate the leads they want. My expertise spans logo design, brand identity development, website creation, marketing stationary, and more.


I'd love to hear from you!

I'm eager to learn more about you and your business. Feel free to reach out so we can schedule a consultation meeting. Let's not wait for your business to speak for itself – together, let's showcase its full potential.

Contact me.

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